Senior Consultant (Evaluation + Research)

Brendan Stevenson


DipDairyTech, MA(Psych), PhD(PH) Candidate

Brendan is an experienced researcher and evaluator in the areas of mental health, indigeneity and health and wellbeing; and, public health. He is a mixed method researcher and is skilled at evaluating study designs and findings and compiling reviews of evidence in a systematic and evidentially informed manner.

Throughout his career, Brendan has had to swiftly assess and collate published literature from diverse fields of study, including cultural identity, discrimination, economic living standards, wellbeing, mental health, isolation and loneliness, resilience, and substance use. Alongside these technical skills, Brendan is adept at engaging with a range of people and communities and has a strong working knowledge of the health system.

Brendan is of Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Porou, Scandinavian, Scottish, and English descent. He is currently completing a PhD in the area of Indigenous identity and public health, and holds a Masters in Psychology.