Managing Partner (New Zealand)

Matthew Allen


BSc(PhysiZoology), DipEnvHlth, MA(AppEnvSt)

Matthew is the Managing Partner of our New Zealand operation. He works closely with Paul Houliston (Managing Partner, Australia) to set the strategic direction for the business, as well as provide leadership for the Allen + Clarke team.  He also leads Allen + Clarke’s formal quality assurance and improvement program.

Matthew is a skilled policy analyst with considerable experience working within the machinery of government, having worked in a range of roles in central and local government in New Zealand, and for many clients across New Zealand, Australia and internationally.  He has strong networks within the public and private sectors, as well as strong international linkages through his overseas development experience.

Matthew has considerable experience in regulatory policy and implementation, including enforcement.  He leads many of our regulatory design and implementation projects.

Matthew relishes leading multifaceted policy, research and evaluation projects with diverse stakeholders. He is enthusiastic about involving stakeholders in innovative ways, harnessing their insights to identify more effective and efficient ways of delivering policy, programs and services.