Senior Consultant

Susan Cook


BPhysEd, BSc(Nutrition), PostGradDipDiet, PostGradDipPH

Susan has an extensive background in public health, having held research, evaluation, and policy roles in various public sector organisations, and worked on projects employing strategic, business, and analytical frameworks. She is a mixed-methods researcher practiced in quantitative and qualitative methods, developing monitoring frameworks, and managing national surveys, skilled in analysis, interpretation and communicating findings from research and evaluation projects to a range of audiences.

Susan has managed complex projects and led programmes of work at the community, regional and national level, including a programme of work aimed at enhancing the intelligence function at a public health unit during the COVID-19 response.

She has an interest in using research to inform and promote healthy public policy and action. Susan likes to work collaboratively, has strong relationship skills, and has successfully worked with a range of stakeholders to consistently deliver high-quality work.