Consultant (Evaluation + Research)

Natalie Piesse


BA(Sociol&Psych), PGDipSSER

Natalie has a background in social sector evaluation research. She has recent experience in enhancing the overall evaluation capacity of a health, social and education provider. Natalie developed evaluative systems, supported the development of new initiatives, enhanced client feedback channels, led data collection and analysis, oversaw strategy implementation, and conducted reporting for funders and a Board. Natalie has experience in public, private and not-for-profit sectors, including work at the New Zealand Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Health.

Natalie also has an education background as an ESOL teacher and has worked in the United States and South Korea. Natalie is passionate about community development, ensuring all community groups are visible and improving the overall wellbeing of communities. She is particularly focused on increasing cultural safety and diversity in the evaluation sector, as well as exploring ways that evaluation research can reach wider audiences to increase utilisation and enhance impact.